Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple, Penang, Malaysia

Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond Temple & Prabhupada Cultue Centre

Hare Krsna Ashram, Malaysia will debut new master project, Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple cum Prabhupada Cultural Centre. This master piece architecture design by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa (ISKCON BangaloreTemple President & his fellow architect team.) The first phase of this project accomplished via acquiring 1.633 acres land at Batu Kawan Penang Malaysia in 2006, which will serve as home to their lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopinath. The ultimate goal of effective Krsna Consciousness preaching will be expounded via this temple. Also the temple will mark the date in Malaysia history as the glorious india heritage. Besides as temmple of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath the proposed project also includes the following.

Architectural Grandeur

Prabhupada Cultural Centre will showcase Krsna’s lila via India Art, Architecture & Heritage. The complex & temple will own unique blend of Traditional Chola and Modern design, a marvelous amalgamation of traditional south Indian temple & modern architect. Elegantly carved pillars, ornately figurines portraying various themes from Puranas, ornamental arches & traditional Gold Kalasha as the crown of temple.

Environmental Delight

Besides the elegant hills & mountains as neighbours of the temple, also serene garden & lush green landscape will be erected. Traditional Kalyani(pond) will add virtue & beauty on overall scenery. Various gorgeous flowers & therapeutic herbs will claim place in the temple compound to enhance the beauty of the temple. Devotees & guests will experience soothing mind once they step into the temple compound beneficially will encourage them to leave behind their hectic lifestyle as long as they are in it & enlivened the dormant Krsna Consciousness in them.


Multipurpose hall will be erected at the basement of the temple to support cultural activities mainly Vivaha ceremony & other activities which will benefit others. In order to cater Ratha Yatra festival, a brilliant ratha will be constructed to spread the glories of Hari Nama Sankirtana yajna all over Batu Kawan territory. Devotees & guests travelling coming from far feel free to stay with us as ample of Ashrams & guest rooms will be raised to ensure one doesn’t miss the temple activities due to travelling hectic to & from hotel/motel to temple. Save your time & invest in Krsna Consciousness.

Annadhana Hall

Annadhana Hall is the place where we serving prasadam to devotees. This initiative has been taken following in the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada, who introduced prasadam distribution as one of the key programs of Hare Krsna Movement  all over the world. Distribution of food offered to the Lord has a great spiritual significance and is glorified in various scriptures.