The foundation pillar of everyone’s lives is education and more so when he or she is attending primary school. It is where real values are inculcated and where we learn about the different strata of society and one another’s culture regardless of our race, creed or religion. Another initiative of the Hare Krishna Ashram is to contribute to the young kids who are attending primary school.

We conduct spiritual programs, discourses and also food distribution to these kids who are sometimes from a low income background or from certain disenfranchised parts of the society. We feel that by showing love and also guiding them spiritually and materially, we can give them a more positive outlook on life and hence become better role models themselves in the future.

We have been encouraged that more and more schools are requesting for our services. We take pride in serving our community through these different worthy endeavors which can help create a positive imprint on the future of our nation.