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Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond Temple – Latest Update – September 2020

Pertubuhan Hare Krsna Ashram, Malaysia bought 1.633 acre of land at Batu Kawan in the year 2006 to build Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond Temple. The ground breaking ceremony was successfully held in the year 2012 and this was the commencing point of the construction.

In the year 2015, the piling works begun and was followed by the completion of the piling caps work in the year 2017. The Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond Temple has 3 floors and 4 sculptural towers at the four corners of east, west, north and south upholding the Diamond form of the temple. On May 2018, the ground floor construction work was completed and the next phase of first floor construction began. Then, the 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor construction work was completed successfully in the year 2019.

The first floor of the temple consist of administration offices, books and spiritual items sales counter. The second floor of the temple has the altar of Lord Sri Narasimha and Lord Srinivasa Govinda and the third floor has the altar of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Visitors and devotees can offer their prayers and worship their respective Lords.

Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond temple intends to bring transformation to the society through its spiritual and welfare activity. This temple will create better environment for children, youths and adults to understand the importance of spiritual life and become a better individual.

Currently at this present moment, the construction of the sculptural tower (Gopuram) is in progress. The next phase of the construction is the carving of the sculptural tower (Gopuram). The total cost to complete the carving of sculptural tower (Gopuram) is about RM 2,373,000. The sculptural tower will be upholding the Diamond glass of the temple. The installation of this structural diamond glass cost about RM 2,775,556.

Srila Prabhupada’s mission is to give human society an opportunity for a life of happiness, good health, peace of mind and all good qualities through God Consciousness. Sri Sri Radha Krsna Diamond Temple will fulfil this great need through our initiatives and programs. Devotees and well-wishers are invited to contribute towards this noble cause. Your generous donation will immensely help us to carry on with this mission.

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