Sri Balarama Purnima – 31st August, 2023

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In our temple, the Deities are adorned with new dresses and jewelry. The celebrations start at 6:00 p.m. The utsava Deities of Krishna and Balarama receive a splendid abhisheka. They are bathed with panchamrita (milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey, and sweet water), panchagavya, juice from varieties of fruits, water mixed with aushadis (herbs) and tender coconut water. A grand arati is performed while the devotees rejoice by singing the song Yashomati Nandana. Accompanied by the chanting of the Purusha Sukta prayers, the Deities of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama are bathed with sanctified water from 108 Kalashas. Varieties of flowers are showered on the Deities concluding the abhisheka ceremony. A special offering of 56 items (chappan bhog) is offered to Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balarama.

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